The linear drive positioning system is designed to allow a direct connection between the load and the drive motors. This feature eliminates kickbacks, enables fast acceleration / braking, high-speed operation and at the same time increases reliability. Stacking several units into a single unit enables multiple positioning, namely XY, XZ and XYZ.

High-performance compact linear drives powered by voice coils are used in positioning applications where high speeds, high accelerations, or high accuracy are required.


Motor linear stages are completely independent. Each stage uses one or two voice coil motors, a linear carrier system, an optical quadrature feeder for feedback. Standard positioning resolutions from 1 micron to 30 microns are available for immediate delivery. Other resolutions are available at the request of the party.



  • Lower costs
  • Possibilities of double mounting
  • High acceleration
  • Compact footprint
  • Optional air cooling
  • Movement and force configurations are available at the customer's request
Constant force25 N ±5%
Force constant10,9 N/A ±5%
Movemax 32mm
Mass1,5 kg